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  • 47 CFR Part 97.1 --the FCC's official reasons for establishing the Amateur Radio Service
  • The Amateur's Code --first published in 1928 and still the standard of conduct we all should strive to meet
  • K0WA's Web Site -- If you have been in the hobby for years and don't know Lee, you do not know CW. Lee is a truly unique individual.

License Testing Groups:

  • ARRL License Exams -- pre-selected for Kansas testing locations
  • Laurel VEC --Free testing sessions. Check site for a location near you!
  • W5YI VEC -- Pre-selected for Kansas test session contacts.

FCC Forms and Services

DX'ing, Contesting, Operating, Awards

Software/Digital Resources

General Organizations

Antenna / Tower / Rotor Vendors




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Online Code Theory and Practice

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Retail Dealers

Contesting / Logging Software

Computer Security / Free Software

  • Apache Open Office -- free alternative to MS Office as you now only get the application for a year or per-processor
  • Avast -- Free and paid anti-virus program by ALWIL Software. Yours truly, the web designer has used Avast for over 10yrs. Protects Macs and those using Windows XP and newer. Also protects Smartphones.
  • Blur - Get the Blur add-on to save passwords, mask e-mails, auto-fill forms, sync your browsers. Premium version makes back-up and sync a snap on multiple devices. An Abine service.
  • Brave - You are not a product. Why use a browser that treats you like one? Enjoy private, secure and fast browsing with Brave.
  • Deleteme - You can try the DIY removal on these sites. A premium service that deletes personal information such as e-mails, phone numbers, home address, personal and home pictures from sites listed here. Another Abine service.
  • doPDF -- free program that creates PDFs from your documents. Print when needed. Saves paper.
  • DuckDuckGo - Go to the Duck Side! Available for all browsers. Make it your default Search Engine. Available in the Chrome Store and Mozilla extensions. Use bangs to search safely within DDG. Use Google = !g and 10k others
  • Eraser -- free program to erase files or even an entire hard drive
  • Firefox -- The most popular and secure browser prior to Chrome with frequent security updates. Post v55, only add-ons in release channel will work. Old add-ons become Legacy.
  • GreenPrint -- free software to save those wasted sheets of printer paper that only have one line on them
  • HDD Health -- free software to warn you if your hard drive's fixin' to die
  • HDMI Splitter -- HDMI splitter to multiple sources
  • HTTPS Everywhere -- Forces your browser to use the https links if any site has SSL set up. EFF is the official start of HTTPS Everywhere after the initial Snowden revelations of US citizen snooping by the NSA.
  • ProPrivacy Resources - ProPrivacy is the leading resource for digital freedom. Founded in 2013, the site is full of reviews of VPNs, Storage & Backup, Password Managers, Email, Ad Blockers, Open Source and Other, including browsers and messenger programs, anti-virus.
  • Multimon -- run up to three monitors on your computer with different taskbars on each with this free software
  • Nitro PDF Reader -- Don't let the name fool you! Mark-up and fill in PDF forms with this loaded software. Version 3+ available for Windows x86 and x64 opens and fills in Acrobat Reader files!
  • PortableApps -- work from any Windows computer with these applications you carry with you on a flash drive
  • Privacy Badger - Another must-have from the people at EFF, an add-on for every web browser to block cookies and ads
  • Protonmail - Free and paid e-mail account with end-to-end encryption. Two-factor authentication [ 2FA ] for your safety. Hosted in Switzerland. Free from EU and US law.
  • QuadLock Unit Converter -- instantly convert between different units of measurement
  • Reactor Server -- run your own web portal with this free Apache distro
  • Snapfiles -- One of the largest link collections of freeware software updated without the download gimmicks. I point you to the free stuff, you can switch to shareware.
  • Thunderbird -- The Mozilla supported e-mail client that is also the only free client that you can add encryption. Other options are dis-posable e-mail accounts.
  • Tor -- You are now free to browse the Internet with more security. You are never anonymous.
  • Ubuntu Linux -- free Linux distro (based upon Debian) to start you opening doors instead of going through Windows
  • VeraCrypt - VeraCrypt is a free open source disk encryption software for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
  • Zelscope -- turn your PC into a dual-trace 'scope with this free-for-individual-use software


Dedicated Blogs

Vintage QSL Card Collection

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